It’s Time to Brush Up On Your Compliance Knowledge

By Seasons | November 17, 2021

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November 7-13 is Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week. Keeping up to date on compliance is essential to ensure we can continue to provide the best care to patients, residents, and their families.  

Below, check out our resources on compliance:  


  • Healthcare Compliance Terms: There’s a Stark Difference 
    • If you are someone who routinely makes referrals for common patient needs such as rehabilitation, lab services, home health, or hospice care, a good compliance base can start with knowing the difference between two of the main rules the government uses to enforce good practice.
  • Just Because It Isn’t Raining Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Have An Umbrella  
    • There are no shortage of tools to help you understand what your compliance program needs to get going. The important thing to remember is that the most impactful compliance programs are ongoing, living programs. They require oversight, monitoring, and should be woven into the cadence of your practice. Compliance isn’t a binder that gets used when a surveyor walks in, it’s a way of running your business every day.

CE On-Demand Videos  

  • Compliance Survivor: What Would You Do?
    • While nobody wants to find themselves as at-risk for compliance issues, having a plan is critical for healthcare providers. This course will help healthcare professionals identify potential risk scenarios, apply those concepts into a compliance program, and identify steps to take when a potential compliance issue has been identified. 
  • Learning from Others Mistakes: Compliance through Case Studies
    • The news is filled with headlines of healthcare fraud and settlements. By examining these cases, healthcare professionals can gain a better understanding of potential risk areas and learn strategies to avoid anti-kickback and false claim violations. This course will help administrators, clinicians, & facility staff analyze anti-kickback and false claim violations, identify areas of risk for anti-kickback and false claim violations, and describe ways to avoid anti-kickback and false claim violations.
  • Compliance 101
    • Every healthcare provider must have a solid understanding of the various compliance laws and regulations that govern care delivery in the United States. This course will examine the basic healthcare compliance laws, where they apply, and help participants understand the types of activity that could be prohibited. This course will help administrators, clinicians, & facility staff identify the primary healthcare compliance laws, describe when each of the primary healthcare compliance laws applies, and analyze the types of activities that could be prohibited by healthcare compliance laws. 
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