When is a patient with congestive heart failure ready for hospice?

By Seasons | January 12, 2021

Heart failure patients can live with their conditions for years. When are these patients eligible for the support that hospice can provide?

As the leading cause of death in the United States, it's critical for healthcare professionals to understand the trajectory of heart disease. Multiple clinical parameters are required to determine hospice eligibility, but for patients experiencing severe symptoms or frequent emergency department visits, it may be time for hospice.

Prognostic Indications for Hospice Eligibility: Heart Failure

Seasons Hospice follows the ACC / AHA HFSA guidelines for end of life heart failure patients to support them through their journey. Watch this video for an overview of hospice eligibility for patients diagnosed with heart failure:

If you have an heart failure patient whom you think may be eligible for hospice and can benefit from the interdisciplinary support and comfort it can provide, please reach out to your local Seasons team for support- we are here to support you and your patients 24/7!


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