Celebrating Black History Month: Hear from Our AccentCare Staff

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During February, we proudly observe Black History Month to recognize and celebrate the achievements, contributions, and rich history of African Americans. David Cook, Chief People Officer, shared his insights on what this month means to him and our organization.


David Cook
AccentCare Chief People Officer

"For me, each February is a time of reflection as I recount the events and accomplishments of the previous year and a time of contemplation about what is possible for the coming year. This process of reflection and contemplation epitomizes my constant state of being and thought around Black History in this country and the world. We happen to concentrate our focus on celebrating Black History during the month of February, but is something many of us live, eat, and breath every day of our existence.

This great country of ours, despite its flaws, is the benefactor of a richness not seen by most countries. We have the privilege and responsibility of knowing what we are today has been formed and transformed by a cornucopia of races, ethnicities, and cultures. That richness is the fabric of the United States, and the history of these significant positive contributions is something that makes me proud every single day. As I end where I began around reflection and contemplation, February and Black History month affords me the honor of remembering all those who have come before me and made everything I am able to do and accomplish possible. My job is to honor their contributions by taking their lessons and doing my part to enrich the lives of those whom I have the privilege of encountering through my life’s journey. This month, perhaps more than any other, I focus on staying very present in being the person my ancestors would be proud of. I commit to continue doing just that every day for the employees of AccentCare so you can be your very best for the patients we serve. We are One for our patients and I am One with you in our passion and mission to provide the highest quality patient care to the communities we serve!"


Read additional reflections below from some of our team members as they share what this month means to them.



April P.
Senior HR Director for Home Health and Hospice - Dallas, TX

“Black History Month is significant, as it provides a dedicated period to spotlight the remarkable contributions made by Black Americans to our society. It serves as a time for reflection on the challenges overcome and the progress achieved. While celebrating our accomplishments, it also emphasizes that the journey is ongoing, and there's excitement for the continued progress ahead.

In our family tradition, we annually engage in conversations about Black history with all the children. Emphasizing the significance of Black History Month, we aim to instill in them a strong awareness and understanding of their history.”



Venezuela W.
Senior HR Director for Home Health and Hospice - Dallas, TX

“Black History Month is a highlight for me each year, as it reminds me to be confident and proud of how far we have come as a culture. It's a time when we celebrate our history as it continues to shape the future, creating a better world for us to live in.

In my family tradition, it's a learning experience that we cultivate daily. We embrace the incredible stories of Black individuals that have displayed courage, achievements, and resilience in Black History Month and beyond. Education is paramount, so I believe we should all take time in celebrating and learning the richness and diversity of these incredible stories of Black individuals.”



Ronald B.
Operations Manager of Field Staff for Personal Care Services - South Holland, IL

“I celebrate Black History Month by sharing the accomplishments in many areas of our lives and the positive impact Black History has had on the world and addressing the negative misconceptions about Black History in medicine and other professions. I am Ronald Brownlee, a nurse of 43 years. I have worked in many health care settings, in management and as a staff member, including service in the military.”



Throughout the year, we’re committed to building a foundation of knowledge, sensitivity, and cultural awareness to foster an environment that is safe, inclusive, and equitable for all. You can learn more about our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion pledge here. 



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